Welcome to the Horizon Project!

We are a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of investors and the freedom to make informed investment decisions. Our mission is to promote fair and transparent financial markets by advocating for policies that protect investors and promote responsible corporate behavior.

The Horizon Project is a advocacy organization that is dedicated to promoting long-termism in investment decision-making. Our name reflects our commitment to taking a forward-looking perspective, one that considers the long-term impact of investment decisions on financial returns and society as a whole.

At the Horizon Project, we believe that short-term thinking and a focus on immediate profits has led to systemic problems in our financial markets, including environmental degradation and social inequality. Our mission is to promote a more responsible and sustainable approach to investment, one that takes into account the long-term consequences of corporate actions and investment decisions.

As a grassroots advocacy organization, we represent a growing community of investors, advocacy groups, and stakeholders who believe that investment decisions should take into account the long-term impact of a company's actions on financial returns and society as a whole.

Our team of experts and advocates works tirelessly to engage with state legislatures and the federal government to ensure that investor rights and the ability to hold corporations accountable are protected. We collaborate with policymakers and industry leaders to advance policies that promote responsible corporate behavior, enhance disclosure and transparency, and improve the overall integrity of the financial markets.

Join us in our mission to protect investor rights and promote corporate accountability. Together, we can make a difference in promoting a more responsible and sustainable financial system.

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Together, we can protect investor rights and promote corporate accountability for a sustainable future.